Collection: Solar Electric Tags

Tired of failing your solar installation inspections because of incorrect solar tags?  

While all inspectors are different, you can rest assured that your tags won't be an issue anymore!  We offer a money back guarantee that our tags will be to your specifications.  

Print Pro AZ specializes in designing and delivering the necessary solar tags for all types of installations.  Our team works hard to meet your needs accurately and in a timely manner. 

As you know solar installers are required to use equipment signage called solar tags or photovoltaic labels.  These custom engraved plastic labels are used to identify devices and prevent safety issues with solar equipment. For instance:

  • Switches and circuit breakers (pull boxes)

  • Main service line

  • AC service section and sub panels

  • Engraved signs in decal form

  • Back-fed breakers

  • AC disconnect and point of connection

  • DC disconnect

  • Warning and hazard tags

  • Site Maps

Our promise is to provide more value than just solar tags.  Each customer has a unique business that requires different solutions from same day turn around, free local delivery or bulk discounts on certain products.  We look to implement a service that meets the needs of each unique customer.  Let's schedule a meeting to find out how we can exceed your expectations! 

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About Print Pro AZ

Established in the heart of Phoenix, Print Pro AZ has rapidly risen as a beacon of excellence in the solar and electrical printing industry. Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to serving solar companies, becoming their trusted partner for high-quality solar tags and electrical warning labels.

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Commitment to Excellence:

  1. Whether it's the quality of our printed labels or the precision of our designs, we never compromise on delivering the best to our clients.


Our clients can trust us to meet deadlines, always deliver on our promises, and provide consistent, high-quality products.

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